Monday, September 25, 2017

Why I should be Principal for a day

Why I should be Principal for a day  

Should I be principal for a day? ( YES )
If you think I shouldn’t be principal then listen to my AMAZING reasons.

Opinion 1

Firstly the Equipment should only be used with people guarding it so they don't break anything and so that person that broke it won't get in trouble or that won't have to pay for it.

Opinion 2

Secondly the Environment is not good because of global warming and some of our animals are starting to die because of that. I’m going to start telling people to not LITTER AND SAY STOP BEING A LITTER BUG!!!!

Opinion 3

Lastly the Bikes and Scooters are making a lot of damages around schools. Some little kids are even getting really hurt so in my opinion is to leave your Bikes and Scooters at HOME!!!!


My opinion is that people should be only allowed to use the equipment with someone guarding the equipment. People should only be using their Bikes and Scooters at home and that is the only thing that will make Rangikura school a better learning space for us.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My Paddle

My Paddle

This is my paddle on my paddle is important people and thing and why they are important to me. On the top of the paddle is say Cook Island and there is some drawings. At the bottom is says Tonga why I put Tonga and Cook Island at the bottom and the top is because that is my Culture. On the right side there is a Tonga and a Cook Island. On the bottom it has my family why I have my family there is because they are important to me. I love singing why I love singing is because it is my hobbie.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017



Hi my name is Tiare and I am 9yrs old. My favourite colour is blue, my favourite sport is Netball and Volleyball. What I want to be when I grow up is a singer because I like singing. My favourite food is mince and rice and my favorite takeaway is Pizza hut.

I have three siblings and they are Alfred my little brother. He is 8yrs old and Dianne my little sister who is only 1yrs old. Then I have a big brother Sione who is 12yrs old.

What I do at home is play outside or I play with my sister or I go and see my baby couson.

Then sometimes when I’m not allowed to go outside or and my aunt's house then I read, write and draw or make like a plane. There is one thing I want to ACHIEVE at school is be more confident and learn heaps at school.